Steps to Success

As a prospective Fox in a Box franchisee, your journey towards partnering with us will give you access to experts in escape room business, access to the Fox in a Box network of partners, operations, training and marketing which will help guide you through the franchise discovery process.

Weeks to open



Getting to know
each other

  • You contact us by sending us an email or filling out our website contact form
  • One of our franchise development team members reaches back out to you
  • We have an initial call to learn more about you and your goals
  • We discuss the initial investment, territory and your vision for the location


Talking business
with us

  • Once we get to know you, you can speak directly to our CEO for a personal touch and to better understand the whole journey
  • If we both decide to take the next step, we start talking about specifics (funding, site selection, planning, preparation for the hard and soft construction, timeframes and our onboarding process
  • We help you with the business plan and go over it together with our CFO



  • When we are both happy to proceed, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – a document that discloses all of the Fox in a Box detailed information
  • Optional conversation with existing Fox in a Box partners
  • Optional visit to a Fox in a Box location closest to you
  • Background check
  • Helping you choose the best games for your specific location
  • Sending you the franchise agreement


Get the
ball rolling

  • Signing of the franchise agreement
  • We start our onboarding process
  • You get a dedicated build manager to support you in every step of the process
  • Our in-house architect helps you draft your location build plan
  • Access to our library of resources needed to operate your franchise
  • Multiple training sessions and 1-on-1 virtual meetings with our team members


Now that you are committed and ready to start the process, these are the first stepes.. We can assist you in this part with suggestions and advice, however, the final decision is up to you:

  • Funding secured
  • Location secured
  • FDD received
  • Franchise agreement signed
  • Payment of the franchise fee and room fees

After the paperwork is signed and delivered, we are ready to jump into the planning and execution phase.

planning and
execution phase.

01 – start

2-8 weeks

Planning Phase

  • Our architect creates a plan of your location
  • Working with our build manager to understand the building process
  • Looking for a general contractor
  • Looking for a set designer


8-12 weeks

Construction Phase 1

  • Hiring a general contractor
  • Building of the inner walls, laying down wiring and the necessary groundwork
  • Purchasing the necessary furniture and equipment specified in our shopping list
  • At the same time, we produce your games and puzzles


4-8 weeks

Construction Phase 2

  • Shipping the games and puzzles to your location
  • Setting up decorations and props
  • Setting up the game rooms and game master systems
  • We fly out our team members to help you on location
  • Final touches on visual and special decorations
  • Final checklist completed by our build manager

04 – Finish

1-2 weeks

Testing Phase

  • Game master training
  • Location management best practices training
  • Marketing pre-release materials ready
  • Website setup complete